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Download Hindustani Fonts from Jaspell

To download the entire range of Jaspell fonts, use jaspellfontpaster.exe.

Hindustani is written with various scripts, including Devanagari (like Hindi), Naskh or Nastaliq (like Urdu), and (Roman or Latin like English).

Download and save the Devanagari fonts to a suitable folder.  Then install them through Control Panel / Fonts.  For more detailed instructions, see the page how_to_install_fonts.htm.

Hindi, Hindustani, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit

Normal Download font jdev01.ttf
Narrow Download font jdev02.ttf
Wide Download font jdev03.ttf

This facility allows you to download a sample of the fonts which are used with Jaspell Jaldi multilingual word processing software. They are included in the software that gets downloaded with our full or demo Asian word processing packages. However, they are also provided here for you to do testing or reading ".htm" files.

These fonts provide for word processing in the following language group:-

Hindi, Hindustani, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit and various other more locally used languages.

The script is arranged technically as Devanagari.

The full registered software package includes other styles, and other typefaces may be added by Jaspell from time to time.

Jaspell have provided free help at readdeva.htm, if you have difficulty reading, writing or pronouncing the Devanagari script.

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