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Hindustani Scripts

Word Processing in Hindustani is simplified by a single, consistent method for typing Hindustani either like Hindi or like Urdu, using Devanagari, Naskh or Nastaliq scripts.  This is possible through their common sounds, although their syllables are written with different characters.   This is evident from a comparison of the charts referred to below that are in the website section "Learn to Read or Speak a Language".

Devanagari Learn to Read Devanagari
Naskh and Nastaliq Learn to Read Naskh and Nastaliq

Hindi was formed largely as a combination of Sanskrit-based vocabulary with Urdu grammar.  Hindustani followed as a further mixing occurred with colloquialisms and British or other foreign influences.  It became popular as a way for people of a wide range of backgrounds and local languages to communicate for day-to-day commercial and administrative purposes.

These scripts are available in Jaspell Jaldi for Windows using a standard keyboard, and you can gain an overview of how they work:-

  1. The method in which these are typed is described under typing.
  2. The guides provided for learning the script and prompting how to type it are described under guides.
  3. If you want to learn how to read these scripts, start with our charts.

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