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Learn to Read Naskh and Nastaliq
for Arabic, Hindustani, (Farsi) Persian, Punjabi (cursive), Pushtu, Urdu

Download (.exe) programmes. (Install fonts and sounds.) Alphabet Guides (as below)

The following two charts appear when the above executable programme (jalphakq.exe) is operated within the Jaspell Jaldi word processor.  You can click on a Naskh or Nastaliq character and hear its sound.  If you double-click on the Romanized Compilation Input (shown in the yellow boxes), this input will be treated as if the keyboard were being pressed, and the related character will be added to words according to context. You can type using ordinary Roman Latin script a passage of Romanized Compilation Input (shown in yellow on the above guides), then highlight it, and let Jaspell Jaldi convert this input automatically into the Base Font and JaScript you have currently set.

wpe1.jpg (44101 bytes)

wpe2.jpg (42606 bytes)


Click on a character family to hear its sound.

Letter Forms and Variations
Arabic Persian
+ Farsi
Pushtu Punjabi
+ Urdu
Typing   Final      Medial       Initial


A F P U a n_alef.gif (1061 bytes)
A F P U b n_be.gif (1052 bytes)


P U bh n_bha.gif (1124 bytes)
  F P U p n_pa.gif (1082 bytes)
      U ph n_pha.gif (1144 bytes)
A F P U t n_te.gif (1054 bytes)
      U th n_tha.gif (1140 bytes)
    P   t* n_t_a_p.gif (1089 bytes)
      U t* n_t_a_u.gif (1080 bytes)
      U th*, t*h n_t_ha_u.gif (1166 bytes)
A F P U th# wpe2.gif (1081 bytes)
A F P U j wpe3.gif (1101 bytes)
      U jh wpe4.gif (1181 bytes)
A F P U h* wpe5.gif (1080 bytes)
A F P U x, kh* wpe6.gif (1114 bytes)
    P U c wpe7.gif (1112 bytes)
      U ch wpe8.gif (1200 bytes)
    P   c*, c# wpe9.gif (1142 bytes)
A F P U d wpeA.gif (1023 bytes)
      U dh wpeB.gif (1129 bytes)
wpeC.gif (1023 bytes)
    P   d* wpeD.gif (1071 bytes)
      U d* wpeE.gif (1082 bytes)
      U dh*, d*h wpeF.gif (1200 bytes)
wpe10.gif (1054 bytes)
A F P U dh# wpe11.gif (1040 bytes)
A F P U r wpe12.gif (1015 bytes)
    P   r* wpe13.gif (1026 bytes)
      U r* wpe14.gif (1091 bytes)
      U rh*, r*h wpe15.gif (1197 bytes)
wpe16.gif (1062 bytes)
A F P U z wpe17.gif (1041 bytes)
  F P U jh* wpe18.gif (1070 bytes)
    P   g# wpe19.gif (1045 bytes)
A F P U s wpe1A.gif (1063 bytes)
A F P U sh wpe1B.gif (1111 bytes)
    P   kh# wpe1C.gif (1089 bytes)
A F P U s# wpe1D.gif (1057 bytes)
A F P U d# wpe1E.gif (1087 bytes)
A F P U t# wpe1F.gif (1088 bytes)
A F P U z# wpe20.gif (1091 bytes)
A F P U @ wpe21.gif (1065 bytes)
A F P U g* wpe23.gif (1086 bytes)
A F P U f, ph* wpe24.gif (1062 bytes)
A F P U q, k* wpe25.gif (1070 bytes)
    P   k# wpe26.gif (1090 bytes)
A F     k wpe27.gif (1106 bytes)
    P U k wpe28.gif (1091 bytes)
      U kh wpe29.gif (1172 bytes)
  F     g wpe2A.gif (1152 bytes)
    P   g wpe2B.gif (1142 bytes)
      U g wpe2C.gif (1140 bytes)
      U gh wpe2D.gif (1230 bytes)
A F P U l wpe2E.gif (1105 bytes)
A F P U m wpe2F.gif (1039 bytes)
A F P U n wpe30.gif (1052 bytes)
      U ^ wpe31.gif (1026 bytes)
A F P   h wpe32.gif (1026 bytes)
      U h wpe33.gif (1037 bytes)
A       ht wpe34.gif (981 bytes)
  F P   ~ wpe35.gif (969 bytes)
      U ~ wpe39.gif (953 bytes)
      U ..h wpe38.gif (1017 bytes)
A F P U w wpe3A.gif (1031 bytes)
A F P U y wpe3B.gif (1157 bytes)
      U e wpe3C.gif (1160 bytes)
A F P U ' wpe3D.gif (1411 bytes)
A F P U ' ', < wpe3E.gif (958 bytes)

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