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Download Fonts from Jaspell

You can get Jaspell fonts separately. This is necesssary for you to view documents correctly in some formats, such as ".htm" and ".doc".  You may wish to try the fonts out using Jaspell Jaldi, Windows Character Map or some other programme.

Download and save the fonts to a suitable folder (such as My Documents\Fonts).  Then install them through Start | Control Panel | Fonts.  Either download them from this page or from the linked page that is specific to the language groups.  For more detailed instructions see the page how_to_install_fonts.htm.

Alternatively, just to download the entire range of Jaspell fonts, use jaspellfontpaster.exe.

clickhere2.gif (1741 bytes)Download Normal Narrow Wide Languages and Scripts Covered by Font Group
Bengali Fonts jbengal3.ttf jbengal4.ttf jbengal5.ttf Bengali, Assamese
Devanagari Fonts jdev01.ttf jdev02.ttf jdev03.ttf Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, Hindustani
Gujarati Fonts jguj01.ttf jguj.02.ttf jguj3.ttf Gujarati
Gurumukhi Fonts jgur01.ttf jgur02.ttf jgur03.ttf Punjabi (Gurumukhi)
Japanese Fonts jhirag01.ttf
Hira Gana
Naskh and Nastaliq Fonts jnaskh04.ttf
Arabic, (Farsi) Persian, Punjabi (cursive script), Pushtu, Urdu, Hindustani
Latin-1 Fonts jla1nn01.ttf jla1nn02.ttf jla1nn03.ttf Latin-1: Danish, English, Dutch, Færoese, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Latin-2 Fonts jla2nn01.ttf jla2nn02.ttf jla2nn03.ttf Latin-2: Albanian, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene
Latin-3 Fonts jla3nn01.ttf jla3nn02.ttf jla3nn03.ttf Latin-3: Afrikaans, Catalan, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Italian, Maltese, Spanish, Turkish
Latin-4 Fonts jla4nn01.ttf jla4nn02.ttf jla4nn03.ttf Latin-4: Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Greenlandic, Lappish, Latvian, Lithunian, Norwegian, Swedish
Vietnamese Fonts jvienn01.ttf jvienn02.ttf jvienn03.ttf Vietnamese
Chinese Pinyin Fonts jpinnn01.ttf jpinnn02.ttf jpinnn03.ttf Chinese Mandarin Pinyin Romanized Script
West African Fonts jaf1nn01.ttf jaf1nn02.ttf jaf1nn03.ttf West African languages including Yoruba

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