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Download Naskh and Nastaliq Fonts from Jaspell

To download the entire range of Jaspell fonts, use jaspellfontpaster.exe.

Download and save the fonts to a suitable folder.  Then install them through Control Panel / Fonts.  For more detailed instructions, see the page how_to_install_fonts.htm.

When documents on this website require you to install a Jaspell font, in most cases you will require jnaskh04.ttf or jnasta04.ttf.

Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Pushtu, Urdu Naskh
(horizontal style)
Normal Download font jnaskh04.ttf
Narrow Download font jnaskh05.ttf
Wide Download font jnaskh06.ttf
(descending, cursive style)
Normal Download font jnasta04.ttf
Narrow Download font jnasta05.ttf
Wide Download font jnasta06.ttf

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