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Jaspell Software Downloadable

You can download various form of Jaspell software, including the program, the fonts, sound files, dongle drivers, upgrades, and helps.  Further data needs to be exchanged during the registration and activation process.

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Word processing program package Download the full package of program files (without sound files).   Sounds can be downloaded and added separately later via the link below.
Fonts Select which fonts to download test examples for each of the script systems available with the Jaspell Jaldi Word Processor.  Old fonts should be removed before new are added.
Sounds The sound files are not necessary, if you only want to create word processor documents. They are used in routines provided in case you need help to learn to read a new script. (See below.)
Free Full Trial The word processor and script learning tools can be used in a restricted way until you insert a chosen password.  Copying, pasting, merging, saving and exporting are not enabled.  Printing of short samples is enabled.  Just choose the correct password!
Licence For all features including full printing, copying, saving and exporting to be fully enabled for your free use, just choose the correct password.
Online Help A compiled html help file, “jaldi09.chm”, is provided within the program package, but you can download the help file separately here.
Upgrade Record From the release of Version 8 onwards, a record is provided of the changes made to the published software.  (ReadMe.txt)
Dongles Finished Jaspell provide Jaldi09 and higher free of charge, and dongle use is discontinued.
Tools for Learning Scripts Jaspell provide several tools to aid reading and pronouncing scripts, such as brahmapa.exe, asiasnda.exe, JIntro.exe, and tutsa.exe.

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