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Buy Software Licences or Dongles From Jaspell

In order to obtain a licence allowing you full use of all the features of our word processing software, you need to pay us for either Option 1 or Option 2 and get Activation Codes from us.

As extensive trial use has been made freely available —through the full download facility—of all features  apart from saving, copying, and some aspects of printing, you are deemed to have satisfied yourself of the suitablity of our product prior to proceeding with your purchase.

Jaspell now give you more ways to buy and make savings on new multiple offers.   Buy now and cover use on three computers for less than the 2012 price for one!

You send us two lines of code for each machine; we check your payment and send you an Activation Code.
Item No. Description Delivery Cost (excluding VAT)
N008011 Single Pack: one licence bound to one computer Software: downloaded
Access Codes: emailed

N008012 Double Pack: two licences bound discretely to two computers Software: downloaded
Access Codes: emailed

N008013 Triple Pack: three licences bound discretely to three computers Software: downloaded
Access Codes: emailed

CD (Optional Extra:
Software supplied on a CD (Buy licences separately, as above)
Software: posted* on CD
Access Codes: emailed

N008015 Fixed Licence Relocation Once Access Codes: emailed 15.00

OPTION 2 - MOVABLE LICENCE USED WITH A DONGLE (dk2usb.gif (963 bytes))
Upon receipt of your payment we send you a dongle device.   You then send us one line of code, and we send you an Activation Code.
Item No. Description Delivery Cost (excluding VAT)
N008021 Movable Licence and a Dongle hardware device Software: downloaded
Dongle: posted*

N008022 Dongle - extra hardware device as a spare (without a licence) Dongle: posted* 70.00

N008023 Movable Licence (used with an existing dongle) Software: downloaded 17.50


Jaspell make it easy to pay.  Pay with credit cards and debit cards, or use your PayPal account.  Enter the quantity after you click (_Buy Now_).

If paying by cheque, add VAT (at 20%) to the prices in the table, and make the cheque payable to “Jaspell”.

* Postage & packing are included in these prices for UK only.  For other destinations, contact Jaspell about price adjustments.

Address:   2 Pilcox Hall Lane, Tendring, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 0DL, England
Telephone: 01255 830825
Mobile:    07949 250403
E-mail:    burford@jaspell.co.uk    Email us

Note.  When emailing us code, you may wish to send us a text saying, "Code emailed" with your payment reference or name to 07949 250403 to alert us.
For more detail about Options 1 and 2 go to:- [Licensing, Registration, and Dongles] or  [ReadMe.txt] or  [Help File Jaldi08.chm]

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Date of last edit: 30 October 2014