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Download a Help File

You can download here a copy of the compiled HTML help file “jaldi09.chm” that is provided with the Jaspell Jaldi word processing program “jaldi09.exe”.  It explains all the procedures used in the program.  When you are using the program, if you highlight an element of the drop-down menus or click on the help button on a form, it will be linked directly to the relevant page of the help file.

If you install this help file into the Application folder as part of the normal secure program setup installation procedure, the file is safely checked and registered.  The help file opens smoothly under these conditions.

However, please note that if you just download a copy of the help file separately now,   it is not the same as the normal installation procedure. 

  1. Your computer's protection system will assume that “this file was received from another computer and may be unsafe to open”.
  2. If you download the help file manually, selecting “Open”, the file will be blocked from opening correctly.  There is no opportunity for you to overcome this.  Choose “Save” instead.
  3. If you download the help file manually, selecting “Save”, you can overcome this barrier. 
    Find the file in your Explorer window
    Right-click on it
    Select “Properties”
    Read the alert that this file has been received from another computer and may be unsafe to open
    Select “Unblock”
    The help file will open correctly.

Download “jaldi09.chm”.

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