Download Sound Files

 Sound files can be downloaded whenever you wish.  They are not essential to the word processing of documents, but are helpful to those who are learning or teaching the use of the software or the languages and scripts.

Sound Files For Use With Jaspell Jaldi Word Processor or Language Training Tools (Sound Set 1 *)

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".WAV" files
Size = 2492 kB)

We recommend that you put the files in a directory "C:\JWav1". Otherwise, make a subdirectory "JWav1" in your application directory.

The sound files are not necessary, if you only want to try creating word processor documents.
They are used in routines provided, if you need help to learn to read a new script.

When you install the Jaspell Jaldi Multilingual software complete package, if you select the package "...With Sounds", these sound files will be installed in a directory "C:\JWav1". Conversely, if you select the package "...Without Sounds", these sound files will not be installed at that time. However, they can be added at any time.

Select "Click here" to start downloading "wavfiles.exe", which will provide you numerous ".WAV" files (from Sound Set 1).

* For some language training tools (.htm files) there is a supplementary set of sound files.
These are normally handled automatically by the .htm format.
bengalicourse2007/wb070pronunciation_practice.htm uses "bengalicourse2007/bengpronsounds".
pinyin_introductory/pinyin_introductory01_online3_unicode.htm uses "pinyin_introductory/pinyinsounds".

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Date of last edit: 8 September, 2017