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Upgrade Record of Jaldi Word Processor

Download ReadMe.txt with more background details.

8.0.2 > 9.0.0

  1. Use of the software has been provided free in Jaldi09.   All references has been removed regarding registration, activation codes, dongles, pricing and purchasing.

8.0.0 > 8.0.1

  1. From the release of Version 8 onwards, a record is provided of the changes made to the published software.
  2. Some difficulties may have been experienced on 64-bit machines with menu JaScript not being allowed to open and with menu Key | Keyboard not opening.   The related .dll files are now installed in and searched for in the Application Folder.

7.0.7 > 8.0.0

  1. Adjustment of Jaspell Jaldi's registration procedure to accommodate the different demands of 64-bit Windows compared to 32-bit systems.
  2. Incorporation of TXTextControl Version 17 in place of Version 11, providing improved functionality of tables, columns, images, objects, styles, pdf options, html handling.  A vertical ruler has also been added.
  3. Improvements to Naskh and Nastiliq fonts; addition of a new, very narrow font for both sets.  Improvement in the behaviour of inputs for some complex character groups.
  4. Enabling of printing of a short, half-page sample even while the use of the program has not been registered and paid for.  This provides a reasonable opportunity to test out the behaviour and quality or printing before a user buys the software.
  5. Printing of collated or uncollated pages.
  6. New html-based help file (jaldi08.chm) with contextual help via the pressing of the [F1] key.

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