Mandarin Chinese—Font Management ASCII or Unicode

Some older htm files require you to install this ASCII font provided by Jaspell.
You may still find it quicker to type large Pinyin documents using our free Jaspell Jaldi software and then convert them in seconds to Unicode, as described in the procedure below.
Download ASCII fonts (*)

Management of Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Characters in ASCII or Unicode Fonts 
Pinyin Unicode Input Chart—8 September, 2017
     [online:htm | printable:pdf]
• Procedure for Converting old Jaspell ASCII font characters to Unicode fonts—8 September, 2017
     [online:htm | printable:pdf]
The free multilingual wordprocessor Jaspell Jaldi only handles ASCII-type fonts, but documents typed in Pinyin with it (using the ASCII font JPINNN01.ttf) can be converted to Unicode fonts, if you use these aids. 
For example using Word, you can record a macro as you work through the ‘Replace’ procedure; give it a keyboard shortcut like {Alt+P}; convert large files (like the above dictionaries) from JPINNNN01.ttf to Unicode in a few seconds.
In this manner, if you have recorded a macro titled “Convert_Jaspell_Pinyin_to_Unicode”, then the “Sub” procedure should read like the text of this (rtf) file: pinyin_introductory\sub_convert_to_unicode_from_jpinnn01_ttf.rtf, which you could also copy for your use.


Are you using an old computer or old operating system without Unicode?
     [Learn Mandarin Chinese—Old Files Using ASCII Fonts]

Do you have a new computer and operating system that can use Unicode fonts?
     [Learn Mandarin Language (Using UNICODE Fonts)]


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