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Word Processing in Japanese

This Japanese word processing system is excellent value as part of a powerful multilingual package.  It is quick and easy to type Japanese phonetic scripts the way they sound just by using a standard keyboard.  This system was created for Windows as Jaspell Jaldi . It enables you to:-

Type using the commonly accepted Romanized phonetic classification of this form of Japanese. This typing method works in Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji.
(Kanji is not provided in Jaspell Jaldi.)
Mark a passage of text and change it to another of these Japanese syllabary scripts.
Hear the sound of individual characters.
Hear typed compiled text in documents being read back to you.

[Click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge it]
Sample of Japanese text (7987 bytes)

Example (for Japanese syllable-based scripts) of characters in alphabetical order with Romanized equivalents (21329 bytes)

For other script guides and help with reading see Learn to Read Japanese.

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