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Features of the Jaldi Word Processor

Jaspell Jaldi is a fully-featured word processor with something extra.   It not only offers standard features plus mail merge and multiple document interface, but it has also pioneered the way in making it easier to touch-type fast in many languages together.

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Aspect Provision
TOUCH TYPE Maximum efficiency, minimum stress for multilingual documents
DIRECT Single key presses, not with CTRL or ALT
KEYBOARD Standard keyboard, no overlay required
EASE Each sound has a unique standard key input across many languages
KEY GUIDE You can show a key or alphabetical guide
LEARNING Help facilities include sounds, charts, exercises for typing
LANGUAGES Mix English and Asian languages quickly
ZOOM VIEW Viewing at between 25% and 400% shows accented characters clearly
HEAR Characters, syllables, (Japanese) text read aloud
FONTS Automatic selection or manual resetting of ‘base’ font for each script
INSERT Insert any Windows character instantly using your preferred method
UNDO Several previous actions can be undone or redone
DISPLAY Accurate WYSIWYG display
COLOURS Characters in many different colours
SCALABLE Font size from 5 to 512 point (A4 high)
STYLES Mix, bold, italic, underline, strikethru, superscript, subscript
CAPTIONS Headers, footers, with date, time, file & page No.
FORMAT Set page, paragraph, line, margins and tabs
SEARCH Find and replace selected blocks of text
CLIPBOARD Standard Windows cut, copy and paste
TABLES Create and resize tables, each cell having many scripts, styles, lines
DATE AND TIME Set your preferred formats for insertion of date and time
COLUMNS Let text and inserts flow into a variety of column layouts
BORDERS Set borders and frames around the whole or parts of pages


Aspect Provision
GRAPHICS Insert and resize BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG, WMF, PNG; clip and save
OBJECTS Insert OLE objects, resize, scale, fix or float
FIELDS Multiline fields for data insertion
MERGE Insert addresses or data into forms
MULTIPLE Numerous documents opened at once
PREVIEW Full page view before printing
SAMPLES Print a half-A4 samples even when an unregistered user
PRINT Full quality Windows control
MEMORY Management handles large files

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Date of last edit: 05 September 2015