Conversion of Files to Unicode

Jaspell are gradually converting files to Unicode characters from 2014 onwards.  Basically, a Unicode font may contain many thousands of characters: this is enough to cater for all the characters known on the entire planet.  This is being done primarily using Windows' multiple language tools and keyboards.  The resulting files are more accessible with latest devices such as smart phones and tablets without the need to install special language-specific small fonts.

This supersedes Jaspell's own fonts in the ASCII character range (up to character 255) and the Jaldi key input software used to manipulate them speedily and easily since early in the 1990s.

The following files have been converted since the start of 2014.

Learn to read Bengali - Bengali, Assamese
Examine  our UNICODE dictionaries - Bengali
• Bengali to English (in script order) printable | online
• Bengali to English (in Romanized order) printable | online
• English to Bengali printable | online
Learn to read Devanagari - Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit
Learn to read Gujarati Gujarati
Learn to read Gurumukhi - Punjabi

Learn to pronounce Mandarin Chinese (using Pinyin characters)
How to type Pinyin for Mandarin Chinese using Pinyin Unicode characters

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