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Jaspell Jaldi — Development of Simpler Multilingual Typing

Jaspell have developed several multilingual word processing packages over the years since 1988.

The earlier systems for the Amstrad PCW (based on LocoScript) and for DOS (based on ChiWriter) assigned a font element to a key on the keyboard and required you to remember numerous Shift and Alt combinations. The DOS package introduced a key sequence facility whereby you could press two or three keys in sequence to obtain or compile obscure characters quicker. That experience led us to create a different and far simpler yet more powerful system for you for use on Windows.

This  Windows package came into use in 1994 as Jaspell Jaldi — firstly as 16-bit (based on High Edit) and now as 32-bit (based on TX Text Control by The Imaging Source Europe GmbH)

Jaldi means  quick. Jaspell pioneered innovation to achieve our one common method that is easy for a wide range of languages together thanks to highly complex programming.
Asian Script Systems:-Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, (Devanagari), Farsi, Gujarati, (Gurumukhi), Hindi, Hiragana, Japanese, Katakana, Marathi, (Naskh), (Nastaliq), Nepali, Punjabi, Romaji, Sanskrit, Urdu.
Roman Scripts with Accents:- Easily type, add, change, clear and accents like in - from Greenlandic to Turkish, Lappish to Afrikaans or Vietnamese or Chinese Mandarin (Pinyin).

The big change in 2015—use of the software is free!

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Date of last edit: 05 September 2015