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Jasper Burford and Jaspell Services
—Civil Engineering, Language and Miscellaneous Services—

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Prior to his retirement in 2011 Jasper Burford offered the following services through his self-employment business, Jaspell Services.  Since 2011 these services are no longer available.

In addition to a career spanning manual work and design work in civil engineering, Jasper Burford gained significant experience in learning, teaching and using foreign languages in the UK and abroad. These embraced Bengali, Hindi, French, Mandarin (in Pinyin), Urdu, German and some Nepali, Spanish, Italian, etc

The following services used to be offered, but are no longer available:

Visual Basic 6 Programming

Visual Basic 6 was used by Jasper Burford in his writing of the Jaspell Jaldi software.

Computer Software Use or Other Training       

Training was arranged in the use of Jaspell Jaldi software. Typically, the rate for training a group of 6 persons for a day was 120, or a whole day 200: for a venue within 10 miles of Jaspell's headquarters.

Structures and Foundation Specialists Abbott Holliday Partnership and Peter Holliday Associates  [Return to top]

B J Burford was an associate with Peter Holliday Associates who provide specialist skills in the field of the structural stability of buildings. Services were charged per day depending on the nature and location of the work. Value Added Tax was charged by Peter Holliday Associates for such services.

Building Care, Construction, Maintenance and Cleaning  [Return to top]

Charges for miscellaneous building services depended on the particular assignment. Although the charges were usually about the "going rate" for the same type of work, great care was always taken to provide a high quality product, and in some cases this may attract a higher charge than available elsewhere.

Typing, Preparation of Reports, Investigations and Theses  [Return to top]

Charges for miscellaneous clerical, word processing, investigative or analytical services depended on the particular assignment and language.  Nevertheless, a high quality product was always produced with speed.

Problem Solving, Innovation, Counsel, Advice or Practical Assistance on a Wide Range of Activities and Subjects [Return to top]

We offered to assist you in the search for answers to your deepest questions, solve your problems, innovate for you.

Language Learning Publications       [Return to top]

Jaspell created self-teach study aids from English to Bengali comprising manual, dictionary, answers, revision, phrasebook, tapes, songs.  Click here to find most of these online.  Additional help was offered in their use.

Language Instruction Courses           [Return to top]

Jasper Burford used to offer intensive courses in Bengali for groups up to 8 persons in the London, Essex or Suffolk areas of England area using the above materials. Prices for elsewhere, including continental Europe, were considered by arrangement. French and German speakers with little English who wished to learn Bengali were also considered.

Multi-Language Software Use or Other Training        [Return to top]

Training was arranged. Typically, the rate for training a group of 6 persons for a day was 160, or a whole day 240 for a venue within 10 miles of Jaspell Services' headquarters.

Translation Services and Word Processing Services

Jaspell Services offered a high standard of Bengali to English or English to Bengali translation at around 140  per 1000 words, depending on the nature of the material and task. Minimum charge was 40. We could also provide simultaneous oral translation.
Jaspell provided a rapid turn-round when typing up neat hand-written Bengali drafts. These were checked for language, as well as for typing accuracy, and then issued in A4 laser quality print-ready hard copy along with electronic copy on disc in Rich Text Format (.RTF), Word Format (.DOC) or Adobe Acrobat P. D. Format (.PDF). We also transmitted translations or typeset copy as attachments with e-mails.

Public Presentation and Information Service     [Return to top]

Jaspell Services offered to serve as multilingual guide or host for exhibitions, etc.

Date of last edit: 05 September 2015