Hooped Wire Cloche with Fleece or Sheeting

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To make one hoop, cut and straighten a 2450 mm length of 4 mm diameter galvanised steel wire.  Form five loops at the positions shown below.  One way to form each loop is to use a simple jig made of a timber onto which you have screwed a batten (preferably grooved) and a stump of broom handle (40 mm diameter).  The batten is marked at 175, 300, and 450 mm from the circular stump.  Lay the wire against the batten at the required distance and bend the wire round the stump.

The cloche shown below uses 8 hoops.  Five bamboo canes have been placed through the loops.  Fleece (1600 mm wide) has been laid over the framework and pegged onto the canes.


Our curly kale and broccoli are doing well.

Note nearby the re-used water butts converted into dismantlable compost bins by cutting them where their sides were stepped and inserting the upper ring inside the lower ring.

Also, see the bin ring for courgettes.  Some old hosepipe has been split and pushed onto the rim so as to protect soft stems from damage.

Best wishes,

Jasper Burford

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Date of last edit: 22 May, 2019